Digital Designer


Shooting for Social

This week me and the other graphic design intern Frederick, were briefed on generating some content for the social media such as Facebook, Pintrest and Instagram. We needed to capture some flat photography of sets of clothing. This was an interesting experience as we got to use the photography studio downstairs.
But with the equipment we have available we ran into some difficulties of being able to fit all the clothing into the shots, as we couldn’t get the cameras high enough (the wide angle lens was being used else where).

We where also not shown any of the lighting, which would have been hugely beneficial to know how to use, prior to setting the shoot. But we did the best we could, and the results from our attempts where used. I receive great joy in seeing these go live, as it was a a chance to see my work used and shared in the public domain.

With Fred and working on different images within the same brief it created a sense of competition on whose images got the most likes, shares or favorites.