Digital Designer


Big Boy Job

It finally happened, My first official day as a ‘Graphic designer’ (intern).

I started my first day of my year long contract with the Dutch clothing brand MEXX.

All though I have been studying graphic design in Huddersfield for over 2 years now and done various small freelance jobs, I suppose I have never really called my self a graphic designer – but more of a design amateur. But now I have sat down at my own desk and I crave a coffee before even starting my brief,  I think now might be a good time to finally label my self what I am. I know I am far far away from the kind of designer I want to be. But you have to start somewhere.

The company I have moved to Amsterdam to work for, Mexx. The company started out in Amsterdam in 1986 when Rattan Chadha took two brands, Moustache, his men’s brand (M), and Emmanuelle, his women’s brand (E), and joined them to create a new one. He sealed the match with two kisses (xx): Mexx.’ Mexx has got stores in over 46 countries around the world, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, the Nordics, Russia, Ukraine, Canada and Asia Pacific.


For my first brief, it consisted of taking pictures of a promotional item, packs of origami paper that was planned to be given away with orders over a certain amount in store. This was then extended to time-lapse gifs being created for the  online website. And POS (point of sales) made for in store.

I am surprisingly pleased with the outcomes from this task. As I were trusted straight away to be left to get the required material and to edit it in post. And for my first task, I am glad to see that i am producing work that will be used across many stores and even on the website. I just hope this kind of work gets to continue.