Digital Designer


Second week in

During my second week, I have all ready noticed what kind of work I will most likely be doing for the rest of the year as the print designer. Point of sales, oh so many point of sales - were I will be following templates and simply copy and pasting copy into these InDesign files. Although this gives me chance to improve on my InDesign skills, there isn’t much creativity involved in these tasks. One benefit of this, is the knowledge of, that these little posters I am making will be sent to almost every store around the world. Which did produce a strange feeling - when i walk into a store and saw something I designed a few days before printed and hung.

But I got some respite from the POS this week when I were asked to make some mock ups for some potential promotional material. This was a fun little task that allowed me to show some skills off that i have and haven't had chance fully to show it yet. 

I also got the opportunity to look around the photo studio this week. A Photo shoot for the E-commerce department of Mexx were taking place so I got to find out a little about how this process takes place. This is an area that i would like to discover more of.