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Experimenting with Cinemagraphs

During some down time in the office, I set my task to try and generate some cinemagraphs of one of the photo shoots that happens downstairs in the studio. This was part of a suggestion that we can include this style of gifs into the new campaign which was being planned.
The reason for suggesting, is that on the collection pages of the website, it included a lot of imagery that seemed very flat - but while we all ready used behind the scenes imagery in gifs form, this could bring some more movement into the page.

For my first attempt at cinema graphs I am really happy with the outcome. While some of the movement seems little unnatural, I definitely thought that this style would work, which lead to me going back to the studio the following day to capture a lot more footage to then experiment more with, but unfortunately the downtime was short lived meaning that's another project that will have to be added to end of the list of things I might get around to doing.




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