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Halloween Make up

Well this week I got to do something really exciting. I got to go to a high brand make up studio in Amsterdam city to make some videos of some different Halloween make up tutorials. The make up included characters such as Maleficent, Effy Trinket, a vampire and a zombie. This project involved working with different models, art directors and photographers and also make up artists as part of the shoot.

I truly enjoyed this day of shooting, being in control of all the lighting and the camera work. I am happy with the turn out on the videos with one of the videos coming up to near 5,000 views in youtube. This project also gave me a chance to improve what video editing skills I have. This has given me some ambition to pursue video a bit more in future projects.

Once upon a time Vampires were perceived as dusty, ugly old men that hid away in crumbling castles and terrified villagers, then came The Lost Boys; leather clad, motorbike racing punks who lived in a subsided seaside hotel.

The Make up videos where part of a Halloween promotion on the blog, to be co-inside with a photo shoot with the new in house photographer at Mexx. on this shoot, I got to be involved as a photography assistant.

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