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Amsterdam Fashion Week

Working with the idea of surrealism, Hannah - the new senior designer and I where tasked with coming up with a new save the date for a Mexx event at the Amsterdam Fashion.

With being shown some original concepts and imagery for the new line that will be part of the show, it was decided to include imagery based of lights to make the Mexx's iconic XX's.
After a few trial concepts and different feedback, it was desired to to physically remake the XX's with lights to then make an animation of the lights flashing on, and when the lights reach full illumination, the information will reveal it's self.

The way we used the lights to set up for animating at a later point, by taking images of every different combination. Then later in post by editing the images to imply the X's are turning on.

This was one of the first pieces animated work that I have set up from start to finish including all the post work, I think it went really successfully which makes it more upsetting that the event was cancelled which meant that the work I had put into this project.
It's starting to feel a little cliché to say that I learned a lot form this project, But at the moment it is true. I am being exposed to a mix of new projects that I might not have necessarily have done before hand. So even though I am displeased that the work won't be used, I am still grateful for chance to make these pieces of work.

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