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Bye Bye Mexx


Mexx has gone Bankrupt.

Only 5 months into my Internship in the marketing department the company has gone under leading to me no longer having a job.

This also means a lot of my recent work has been rendered a bit useless, which is especially annoying as they are uncompleted projects, that I would have really enjoyed to see them go to print.

This means that I will most likely have to move back to the UK as I could barely afford to live in Amsterdam on an interns wage never mind without a wage.

I started to really enjoy my placement at mexx. I will admit it started of slow and not very engaging, but as time went on and with a bit of a movearound within the department, new oppertunitys came for me which alowed me to be engaged in lots of different projects. And allowed me to work in other areas that I believe I have good technical skill which was beneficial.

I believe I have learned alot, If that be self thought or taught from my piers such as speed in certain software's that i all ready knew, or new software for projects that I might not have originally done. But the main thing I think I have learned is how to work within a good practice. I know look back over my first 2 years of my degree and I feel almost ashamed. Work that I was originally proud of I think I could have really done in a fraction of the time or to a higher standard if I where more disciplined. Working to real deadlines, but also working where I need to consistently show over people my work, ideas and concepts really makes sure you have something to show. With File handling and storage so that it's easy to recall past work or hand over work to an other person to continue.

So despite a short internship, I am grateful for my time at Mexx.

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