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Cocktails at a Speak Easy

As the party season is coming upon us soon, this week I received a brief to make some cocktail making tutorial videos for the fashion and lifestyle blog at Mexx that will also be co-inside with a fashion shoot of a bar party.

This shoot meant I got to go to a very exclusive bar in Amsterdam which models it's self as a speak easy bar. With you needing to say a password to get in and only by appointment. Here I met a really nice bartender who was a friend of someone from the office which is the only way we managed to get to do a a photo shoot in such a luxurious place. 

The shoot consisted of making 3 separate videos of different cocktails being made. The shoot went relatively without any hitches and I thoroughly had a good day. Especially with one perk of the job being that somebody had to drink the cocktails, so it might as well have been me.

Unfortunately the photo shoot side of this project was taking place after my filming, and as I had a flight to catch I couldn't stick around to see it take place.

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