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Let Me Fix This

I am happy to announce that I and my fellow Design Inter Frederick Coulton have started to new project we are calling Let Me Fix This.

This project has come about from us wanting to expand our design portfolios and also experiment freely with designs and brands that we might not normally have the opportunity too.

We are Let Me Fix This.

Set up by a team of designers that are currently studying at the University of Huddersfield. We plan to proactively replace design that could be improved with their own designs within the city that we live in, Amsterdam.

Our aims by setting up Let Me Fix This is to show that good design is available to brands and businesses that might not previously have considered a design agency.

Armed with stickers and a hatred for dodgy design. We plan to highlight where their is bad design - while also generating possible replacements. So look out for us. If you ever see one of our stickers - feel free to show us where you saw it.

If you ever see some design that you feel needs fixing - get in touch

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