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Running A Shoot

As part of the Denim guide, I had been assigned with the duties of producing the video to then make content for the blog. This videos would consist of the model walking in and out of screen, walking across the screen (which then will be edited in post so each step would be a different pair of jeans) and other different movements in the jeans that will then be turned into Cinema-graphs.

This was my first time running a shoot hat involved models and other people. But I felt really comfortable going into this. Especially when i walked into the studio to see the lighting set up, and seeing that it wouldn't work for what we wanted to do. And as I was in charge of running this shoot, I managed to get new lighting in from a rental company so that the lighting would be consistent between film and photography, which was a really nice feeling as an intern having this kind of responsibility.


Sam DickinsonComment