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Trying to Scanimate

I don't really like to write about a project while its still on going, but for this one I will have to make an exception.

This Brief that Hannah and I where tasked with is probably one of the best i have received within my internship at Mexx and one that I felt passion about. The task was to create the new denim fit guide that will be printed and sent across all stores. The new guide would have to follow the new style of window displays of perspective, with the brand wanting to bring more emphasis on its denim quality.

After a while of different ideas and research, the idea of using some form of scanimation in the design. By using scanimation it plays on the idea of perspective.
Scanimation is an adaption of an Moire pattern. A moiré pattern is a secondary and visually evident superimposed pattern created, for example, when two identical patterns on a flat or curved surface are overlaid while displaced or rotated a small amount from one another. (I definitely didn't take that from Wikipedia). The Moiré pattern can be used to animate images. An acetate overlay containing vertical stripes is placed over the image and slowly moved from right to left to create a second image beneath.

The inventor of this pattern Rufus Seder has a video on his website. And has also released a video explaining his technique and where his idea came from.

The idea to use this technique as part of the denim fit guide meant the guide will come out of a sleeve which will have the black bars necessary for the animation to work. I created a lot of different test experimenting with this technique to see if this would be an except-able medium for us to portray the message we wanted.

One of the original test would be to have an animation of an attractive lady in a pair of jeans doing a slight bum wiggle. But unfortunately there are limitations to how much detail can be included in the animation due to the technique being relatively destructive to the original image, and the shapes had to be simplified to work successfully. So the idea was taken back to just using text as part of the animation.

As you can see in the image, when the black lines move, it reveals some of the image below. By using static text, it allows for higher quality of clarity to the text, but also allows the design to work outside of the black stripes. With the design still being legible outside of the black bars, this technique could be used. This denim guide would bring more attention to a customer as it has an element of playfulness to it and allows an element of interactivity.

This project still has more to go, including Photography for the inside of the denim guide, and video which I will be taking for using on the website.

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