Digital Designer

Purdeys Packaging

This is my response to the D&AD Purdey's brief. For the new packaging I wanted embrace more of the 'Elixir Vitae' element of the product. By emphasizing this the product has its new look with geometric shapes, that where inspired by trying to created a digital version of the philosophers stone - which is often paired with the Elixir Vitae. Rejuvenate Is heavily inspired by the idea of the stone, and Natural Energy being inspired from the sun.

Elixir Vitae is believed to make the drinker live forever, and while we here at Purdey’s can’t quite promise you eternal life, we believe we have managed to bottle the next best thing. Made with green and white tea, fruit juice and herbs, naturally high in anti-oxidants and vitamins, Purdey's Natural Energy will leave you feeling just as youthful and refreshed as the elixir of life itself.